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Aqua Filta  
Aqua Filta 
Aqua Filta™
Aqua Filta adsorbs dissolved impurities, freshening and cleansing water to make it natural tasting, sweet smelling & crystal clear.

-Screw-on cartridge is replaced annually (or sooner if necessary) at half the cost of replacement filters
-Over 200g of silver impregnated activated carbon
-Beneficial mineral salts are retained
-Ports accept fitment to either 13mm (1⁄2") ID hose or 1⁄2" screw-in fittings for polybutylene or copper plumbing
-Initial flow capacity up to 14 lpm (3.7 gpm)
-Tough moulded components give ample pressure capability, up to 4.2 bar (60 psi)

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